Xerox MPS

With Wisconsin Copy & Business Equipment's Kyocera  Managed Document Services you will save time, resources, money

Depending on where you are in your Managed Print Services (MPS) journey, we offer several next-generation MPS tools and solutions to help you gain control of your document-related processes.

Assess and Optimize

Xerox CompleteView Pro
Dashboards allow “What-if” scenarios of print environments, such as total cost of ownership, device ratios, device utilization and sustainability metrics.

Xerox Print Awareness Tool - New
Helps you understand impact of print activity on environment with interactive, easily accessible dashboard.

Secure and Integrate

Xerox Print Security Audit Service
Scans your network and compares current device security settings against your IT configuration and security policy. Highlights gaps and issues that can be acted upon.

Xerox Mobile Print Solution
Enables mobile workers to print securely from smartphones, tablets or laptops. Built-in scalability, enhanced LDAP authentication with integrated management and support across your enterprise.

Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite
Gives you more security and control of your MPS environment by providing authentication, print rules, routing and tracking capability.

Automate and Simplify

Xerox Digital Alternatives - New
An intuitive, flexible and powerful solution allowing knowledge workers to instantly read, share, annotate and manage documents, for improved efficiencies in their day to day work.

Xerox Content Management Services
Document management and workflow system with consultative services that help automate and simplify document processes within your enterprise.

Xerox Ignite Teacher Tool
Web-based teacher tool enables printing, scanning and scoring a variety of students’ hand-marked exams.

Xerox Workflow Assessment Services
Identifies how documents move within an organization and provides insights to create more efficient processes. Leverages client input and metrics from document and device usage. Helps turn process into productivity.

Xerox Document Analytics Service
Explains how, where and why documents are used in an organization. Insights are culled from multiple sources to uncover printing behavior. Based on findings, Xerox partners with clients to digitize content and capture information.