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Member Spotlight

Denise Rowland

Denise joined our Y with the goals of beating diabetes and making a healthier future for herself.
In just a few short months at the Y, look how much she has accomplished!

Frances Weintraub

Frances is a dedicated SilverSneakers® member who can be found exercising and socializing every Monday through Friday morning. Even though her favorite SilverSneakers® Classic group exercise class doesn't begin until 11:15, Frances can often be found at the Y as early as 9:00 a.m., welcoming the other members and guests. She is so good in her welcoming role that the Y has designated her as our official "Volunteer Greeter," with a name tag to prove it.

It's hard to believe that this sociable 87-year-old was not always outgoing. She describes herself as being "shy and introverted" in her younger years. She credits the SilverSneakers® program for bringing her out of her shell. She credits exercise for helping her lose weight, and improve her blood pressure and cholesterol.

Frances became a Y member in February of 2013 when another facility in town dropped their affiliation with SilverSneakers®. She followed her favorite instructor, Sam McCormick, to the Y, and has been a fixture here ever since. Frances is inspired by Sam, citing her mantra "You're never too old to have fun!" She and her fellow seniors have a great time at the Y, and Frances is proud to be a member. "Everyone here is friendly, responsive and warm," she says "and the Y does so much for the community." Frances has befriended countless members, from the other seniors, to the tiniest tots. It makes her smile to see the children happily making their way down the halls. "The children are never crying, they're always happy to be coming to the Y for school, or for swimming lessons, whatever. They only cry when they have to leave," she says.

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Frances, you will be blessed by doing so. Visit the Central Facility on a weekday morning and introduce yourself to our Volunteer Greeter.

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