Day of Caring

What is a Day of Caring 365?

Day of Caring 365 is an opportunity for a group of employees/volunteers to get out of the office for a few hours and work on a community project.

Projects, depending upon size and scope of your group, can be everything from crafts (putting together early childhood educational learning kits) to deep cleaning an organization, landscaping projects or even mentoring a child or adult in need.

Who does it benefit?

Everyone! Employees see one another in a new light and feel better personally about helping to build their community.

When and Where does it take place?

Day of Caring projects are 365 days a year. It all comes down to what is convenient for your business or company, how many volunteers you will be providing, what expertise you can lend, etc.

How could you get involved?

To begin the planning process please contact Amanda Burns at (513) 513.785.2350 or email her at aburns@bc-unitedway.org.