Member Loyalty FAQ

1. What is Member Loyalty?
The Y is an organization dedicated to strengthening the communities in which it serves. As part of our focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, we are launching Member Loyalty. We are calling on our existing members to help us strengthen and help our community become healthier by inviting their friends and family to join the Y. When a member helps us create a healthier community by referring a new member, both the member and the friends and family they bring to the Y will receive up to a 20% reduction off the standard monthly membership rate.

2. Can I refer more than one friend or family member?
Yes. There is no limit on the number of friends or family members you can refer to the Y. Each of the friends you refer will be eligible for the Member Loyalty rate. Members will be eligible to receive 1 reduced rate per membership, regardless of how many of their friends join. Having multiple friends join will give price assurance to the referring member, in the event their 1st friend cancels.

3. How long is the reduced rate valid?
The reduced rate received from participating in Member Loyalty is good for as long as both parties remain members in good standing. Should one of you cancel your membership, the remaining member has thirty (30) days to refer another friend or family member to join. If the remaining member does not refer another friend or family member who joins within 30 days, the reduced membership rate will return to the standard rate for the specified membership type. Should your friend decide to leave the Y, you will be notified via email.

4. Who is eligible to participate in Member Loyalty?
Adult, Senior Adult, Family, Senior Family, College, Youth continuous pay (Bank Draft) members are eligible to participate.

5. Can a member cancel and be offered a referral from a friend that is a current member?
A Referred Member must be a new member to the YMCA. They cannot have had a membership within the previous 90 days. Should you have to cancel your membership and you receive an invitation from an existing member to return, you are eligible to re-join at the Member Rewards rate 90+ days after your termination date.

6. What if I have an annual membership?
To receive the Member Loyalty rate, you will need to convert your annual
membership to a monthly membership via bank draft or credit card draft.

7. When will my Member Loyalty rate go into effect?
The rate will go into effect for the next billing cycle.

8. If I am a new member can I invite someone?
New members who join will need to be a member in good standing for a minimum of
30 days before they are eligible to refer a friend at the Member Loyalty rate.

9. What happens if I have Financial Assistance (FA) or a corporate discount?
Can I still refer a friend for this program?

Yes. We encourage all of our members to take this opportunity and help us to make
our community a healthier place to live. Should your friend or family member decide
to join, they will receive the Member Referral rate for the membership category they
select. Your membership will remain at your standard financial assistance or
corporate membership rate or be reduced to the Member Loyalty rate for your
current membership, whichever is less. Each member is eligible for one price
reduction per membership. As always, if finances are a barrier, anyone can apply for
financial assistance for membership.

10. Can all of my family refer friends?
Yes. Everyone is encouraged to refer as many of their friends as they would like.
Member Loyalty allows one price reduction within each membership.

11. Can a member of the YMCA Staff team refer friends and family members for
Member Loyalty?

Yes, staff members are able to refer friends and family members, however, each staff member is limited to 5 referrals.

12. How do I refer my friends and family members for YMCA Membership?
Current eligible members can submit a Member Loyalty form online. We
will take care of the rest!

13. Can I refer my friends and family members in person at
the YMCA?

No, the member rewards program must be initiated through our online rewards

14. How soon after a friend or family member receives my online referral can they come into the branch to join?

Immediately! All they need to do is print the email and bring it to the YMCA Welcome Center.