Thanks to our Donors!

Without the generous support of donors, the Y would be unable to provide financial aid to individuals and families who are in need of the Y's many programs and serivces. Scholarship recipients have the opportunity to say "thank you" to the donors of their scholarship when they receive their award letter. Below are stories from scholarship recipients who have benefitted from donor-supported, need-based financial aid.

Thank you so much for the generous financial assistance you recently awarded me towards my membership fees at the YMCA.

You have provided me with an opportunity to maintain a level of fitness very necessary to me as a disabled person and I am very grateful.

Please keep me in mind for volunteer work. Although I have some physical limitations for certain activities, I can often be useful at events and I can be available on short notice.

I have been very pleased with both the facility and staff in Monroe and look forward to spending many rewarding hours at the Y.

Thank you so much for granting my family a discounted membership, we greatly appreciate your kindness. We look forward to a new and healthy lifestyle

I would like to let you know how much the opportunity of swim therapy has helped my well being. Last year I went to the doctor for pain and he sent me to therapy at the clinic and from there we came to the Y. I was amazed at how fast the pain went away and how much more mobility I was getting with just normal walking and I recommend this kind of help to everyone. I am back now and want to continue improving the lifestyle I’m used to and maybe getting better!

Thank you for considering my family for funding to help pay for a YMCA membership. We are a low income family of four. We have lived in the community for many years now. We are looking to join the YMCA for many reasons. My husband has many medical conditions that cause him to not work. His doctors suggested that he work out to help these issues to get better so he can get back to work. My daughter has cerebral palsy and uses crutches all the time. She has limited mobility causing her to be overweight. There is not much she can do for exercise. She would benefit greatly from using the YMCA workout facility and swimming pool. I am a nursing student and have never worked out before; I am over weight and would like to start working out to improve my weight and health. We recently had a free two week pass to the YMCA and loved the experience. We hope that you are able to help us with a reduced rate to join the YMCA.

My sister had invited me to join the YMCA with her to do water therapy, as both of us have back problems. Knowing the YMCA is available in this fine community of Monroe is greatly appreciated. Since attending the Y as a guest, it has helped me tremendously with my back problems. I hope to continue with these exercises to improve the back pain.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a member of the YMCA. I will do everything I can to give back to the YMCA and make sure that my membership is mutually beneficial to us both.

I just want to thank the YMCA for giving me and my family the opportunity to have the chance to be a closer part of the community. I have been through many obstacles through the years and have had many health issues along with a few of my children - weight problems and back problems. I’m looking forward myself to restoring the strength in my right ankle after having surgery and my left wrist which they removed the four bottom bones and now is weak and have lost a tremendous amount of range of motion. Being down has also put a toll on my weight - not being able to walk or exercise. I have made this choice and I thank you so much for helping with the fees and cost of being a member of the YMCA. My family and I are really looking forward to all the positive benefits. I figure as I strengthen my body I will also make new friends and may be able to someway help others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the chance to be part of the YMCA family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the YMCA for such a wonderful gift for me - it’s awesome! I really appreciate the YMCA for giving me the chance to be the healthy person I want to be. I am so thankful to all of you.

Our family would greatly value a YMCA membership. As a large family with children ranging from 7 months to 15 years, it is difficult to find family activities that we can all enjoy together. We feel the YMCA would help us do that.

I am very appreciative for my daughter being graciously accepted to receive a reduced fee for the gymnastics program. This reduced fee allows for the program to be affordable for my family. Our oldest daughter was on the GEMS Gymnastics Team and had an incredible experience. Thanks again for the financial assistance and the incredible programs you provide.

With the help of the Y, my life has started to turn around. So many people are not aware of all that the Y has to offer. The Y has helped me be able to get my children into sports programs which I can’t afford. Thanks to the Y, my children are able to be physically active and play sports.

I am a single parent household so it is important to me that my son is exposed and involved in many different activities and the YMCA is a great place to do that. I was involved in the YMCA from a young age until I graduated high school and it was good for me to see the many different things offered and the different people involved. My son is currently enrolled in swim lessons and I hope to get him involved in many more activities through the Y.

I have three young, very active children who I would love to keep active and involved. A Y membership would give my family the chance to stay healthy and play sports. I would also like to get back in shape so I can keep up with my kids.