Classroom Wish List

This collaboration with Walmart’s corporate initiative, Fill the Bus, is intended to offset even a small amount of costs incurred by area educators.

In its first year, 2015, Harvey County United Way, Walmart shoppers and area sponsors donated items for all 51 wish lists submitted. In 2016, the program was expanded to every public school in Harvey County and Saint Mary Catholic School in Newton. A total of 119 Wish List packages were prepared for educators across the county. Interested in contributing? Contact us to sponsor your own drive or adopt classrooms. This project is a great example of making a difference through LIVE UNITED

Items ranged from typical school supplies (dry erase markers) to the unexpected (toiletries and shoes). All educators were invited to participate. The high school librarian didn’t request books; she requested food for hungry students without a meal plan.

There is no doubt that this program helped in many ways. The challenge will be to match resource with tremendous need, as efforts are made to expand it to all districts in the county.

Click here to download the Classroom Wish List Program Guidelines.