Why Give to Harvey County United Way?

The main goal is to build a healthier community, by addressing the root causes of lack of education, poverty and poor health in our county. While we all comprehend that there is real, large-scale need in our communities, we also expect that our donated dollars are being used in the most efficient and effective manner possible so that more services can get to those in need. Since local dollars stay local by donating to Harvey County United Way, donors can rest assured their money is invested for their family, friends and neighbors.

Payroll Deduction

A great way to give is through Payroll Deduction. You can give as low as $1.00 a week to whatever amount you wish to help others. Payroll Deduction is an easy way to budget your gift. Ask your employer for information on Payroll Deduction, and the possibility of matching employer gifts.

Direct Payment

You can give by a direct payment of a check (or cash).
Mail to or drop off in person at:

Harvey County United Way
103 E Broadway
Newton, KS 67114

- Or -

Installamet Payments

Installment payments can be made by monthly or quarterly payments - whatever is convenient for you. Monthly and quarterly bank draft option is also available.

Leadership Giving

Leadership level givers are the leaders in community change. Individuals contributing at least $500 or more are recognized in the following categories. Spouses or partners giving separately can be combined for household recognition. Employer gifts are included in the designation.

Leadership givers may be recognized in public and/or print publications. Gifts can be made anonymously by contacting our office.

Community Builder $500 - $749
Community Foundation $750 – $999
Community Cornerstone $1,000 - $2,400
Community Pillar $2,500 and up