HuMetis Technologies Inc.
Turnkey Application Services

We recognize that each customer’s environment is unique and an out of the box solution may not always be the right answer.

With us you have the flexibility to build an end-to-end solution or select specific services that are most applicable to you. Whatever you choose, you can rely on our expertise in building and deploying scalable solutions that will tightly integrate with your current environment.


Build end-to-end robust solution architecture that encompasses analysis, design, Implementation, testing and integration with existing application in your organization.

Seamless integration of diverse applications within the enterprise to automate processes and expedite business benefits.

Key Features
  • Robust and scalable solution architecture
  • Tight integration with current applications
  • Rapid deployment
  • Technology stack- Microsoft.Net, Java, Oracle Suite and SAP
  • SCRUM based project management
  • Domain expertise: Finance, telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, IT and Government

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