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Exploring New York's SoHo (EXNYSOHO)

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"New York’s SoHo is one of Manhattan’s most popular destinations and is rich in architectural beauty. It is internationally known for its 19th century “Cast Iron Historic District,” the largest concentration of buildings with cast iron facades in the world. We will visit some of the best cast iron (and other) buildings in SoHo, and the book illustrates SoHo's past and present with many photographs, new drawings and paintings.

There is more to the SoHo tour than its buildings. Behind the many facades is a wealth of urban history, a neighborhood that rose and fell and rose again during its more than 300 years of existence.

Exploring New York’s SoHo will reveal the tales of the city that bring this neighborhood to life, including stories about: John Jacob Astor, Harry Houdini, Aaron Burr, and Giuseppe Petrosino, “the Detective in a Derby and more.”

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