Power X

High Intensity Functional Training
  • Power & Speed
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Balance
  • Coordination

Welcome to the all new Power X program!

These 50 minute classes are designed to take your training to a new level with functional group workouts. The role of functional training is to mimic moves that you do in your everyday life to help increase joint stability and movement while decreasing the chance of injuries.

With the emphasis on the body’s natural ability to move, you are able to improve balance, coordination, endurance, and overall fitness. To ensure the safety of our participants, all Power X instructors are also certified trainers and have regularly scheduled training sessions for program maintenance.

Class Size - Class size is limited to 12 participants to allow the instructor to focus on all participants and ensure safety.

Age Limit - Power X is designed to allow participants of any age to modify the workout to his/her fitness level. Children ages 12-14 are permitted to take a class with a parent or guardian in the class.

Class Requirements - This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced exerciser and is held at 10:15 am in Studio B on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. If you are new, it is recommend that you arrive a few minutes early to meet the instructor and learn the class format for that day. Your instructor will assist you through every exercise to ensure proper form is being used. Some of the exercises in this class are very advanced and for the safety of our participants we want to see the exercises either performed correctly or offer modifications. Everyone is welcome!

Please come check it out!

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