Tax Season is here! And we've got great news -- you may be able to get your state and federal taxes prepared and filed for free through, a partnership with United Way, Goodwill Industries International, National Disability Institute and the Walmart Foundation.

Here are three easy ways to get involved:

  1. Skip the tax preparer and file online -- free. You'll have to gather all relevant documents whether you do your own taxes or pay a preparer. If you earned $57,000 or less in 2012, use to file both your federal and state taxes. You can also get extra help (still free) and file in-person if you made less than $50,000; just visit or call 1-855-MyTx-Help for a site near you.
  2. Get all the tax credits and deductions you deserve. You could get money back even if you don't owe any taxes. One in five Americans fail to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit each year, leaving thousands af dollars on the table. For a helpful list of tax credits and deductions you may be eligible for, visit or check out this helpful tax checklist.
  3. Share with your network and help a friend save money. Follow @MyFreeTaxes on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

In partnership with United Way, MyFreeTaxes' online and in-person tax preparation and filing services have helped 4.5 million families claim nearly $6 billion in tax credits and refunds since 2009. Working together, we can ensure more people are on a better path to financial stability.


Beginning January 2013, applicants for cash assistance through the Family Independence Program will engage in a more comprehensive, holistic participation program - PATH (Partnership. Accountability. Training. Hope). The hallmark of this new program is a 21-day assessment period in which the applicant will work one-on-one with a Michigan Works! Agency caseworker to identify barriers to employment and, more importantly, connect with resources to address those barriers. Click the logo above to learn more.

Growing Hometown Futures

Growing Hometown Futures serves as a spotlight for great career opportunities in the community. These are professional level positions through various sectors, all located in Shiawassee County.

Help us spread the word about Growing Hometown Futures. Tell your friends, siblings, children or grandchildren. We want them to consider coming home to Shiawassee County with their families, careers and business ventures.

Central Michigan 2-1-1

2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember, toll-free call that provides accurate information to those in need or in time of crisis. 211 offers information on a broad range of services, including rental assistance, food pantry locations, affordable housing, health resources, child care, after-school programs, elderly care, financial literacy, and job training programs.

2-1-1 is also accessible on the internet at

Shiawassee Hunger Network

The Shiawassee Hunger Network is a collaboration of 11 food pantries throughout Shiawassee County. Learn More.


FamilyWize is a free prescription discount card. It’s easy to use a FamilyWize Card. There are no forms to fill out, waiting period or registration. The card is really just like a reusable prescription coupon on all FDA approved medicines. Anyone in your family, your work, your church or your neighborhood can use it. Immediately. You can even use it if you have health insurance, both during deductible periods and for anything your insurance does not pay for. Learn more.

Do 1 Thing

Do 1 Thing is a 12-month program that makes it easy for you to prepare yourself, your family, and your community for emergencies or disasters. Learn more.

AARP of Michigan

AARP Foundation's Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) helps make connections between older adults looking to return to the workforce and employers. For more than 45 years, the program has provided Americans 55 and older with opportunities to fill entry-level and mid-level positions with employers in their community. Learn More.


Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed

ALICE represents those of us who are working yet falling behind.

Goal: Understanding ALICE helps us develop more successful approaches to long-lasting change and ultimately have greater impact on a larger number of people.
Objective: Align our strategic initiatives to current ALICE data in order to have greater impact and reflect the true magnitude of need in our communities. The method for integrating the ALICE data into the Community Impact work was guided by a diverse group of volunteers who actively participated in helping staff write their Education, Health & Incomestrategic plans. Using the ALICE data as a lens through which to set goals and objectives, these groups developed outcomes to fulfill overall organizational goals.