Our mission is to unite people and other resources to improve and strengthen the quality of life for all people in Shiawassee County.


Our vision is to address the root causes of poverty in income, health, education, and basic needs in Shiawassee County..

Guiding Principle

Heart of Shiawassee United Way will provide to the Shiawassee County Community a strong, viable, vibrant, and relevant organization.

Over the next several years, the Board of Directors and staff of Heart of Shiawassee United Way will endeavor to implement the organization’s mission, vision, and guiding principle with community level work as follows in the areas of Basic Needs, Income, Health, and Education.


Heart of Shiawassee Uinted Way

Working in partnership with community agencies to reduce barrieres to homelessness and provide shelter assistance for residents who are homeless.

By providing funding to these partner agencies, Heart of Shiawssee is able to assist families and individuals maintain a liveble shelter and find shelter when they have none.


Shiawassee Hunger Network

An alliance of 10 pantries throughtout Shiawassee Country who work together to serve people in need inthe most effective way possible.

Hunger is not a choice for many families in our community. Hunger Network pantries offer food & personal care iteams along with other essentials to limited-

income working families, senior citizens, disabled beterans, homeless induviduals and others in need.


Providing 2-1-1 Informational Services to Shiawassee Country.

Anyone in Shiawassee Country can dail 2-1-1 and receive cost free infromation on a broad range of non-profit, goverment, and faith community servieces.

In times of disasters, persons will be instructed to dial 2-1-1 for information regarding such things as evacuation routes, shelter locations, clean water stations, etc.