Women at Work 2011


Cheryl King Productions presents
the Fifth Annual Women at Work Festival

all performances at Stage Left Studio
214 West 30th Street, 6th floor, NYC
Between 7th and 8th Avenues
The Women at Work Festival at Stage Left Studio
September 12 - October 9
a Benefit for The Girl Effect

Featuring 20 artists from all over the US

Tickets $20 - (a $2 ticketing surcharge is added to the price of each ticket)

  Mon and Tue, Sep 12 & 13, 7:30 PM

The Apple Tree, or Penis no. 7
written and performed
by Regina Gibson

A young woman's poetical foray into the world of the penis, asking...

How many times do we have to accept what we didn’t want or expect just to fill the hours and holes in between the next big thing?




Tickets $20
Wednesdays, Sep 14 & 21, 7:30 PM
The Vegas Project - written and performed by Theresa Gambacorta, directed by Cheryl King

Joanne is flying to Sin City for her annual vacation with her husband- only this time he is traveling via US Postal Express Service in his funeral urn. 
She enlists the support of  her daughter Theresa in this hilarious story of what it means to love our "baggage". 
Running time: 80 minutes
Tickets $20
Saturday, Sep 17, 3:00 PM
As Directed, written and performed by Dawn Sofia, directed by Michael Beckett

Sandi Sabattini, obedient executive secretary and divorced menopausal mom, gets entangled in an office crisis with her philandering boss.  
Sandi is forced to confront her guilty conscience and choose which path to follow.

Tickets $20
Sunday, Sep 18 5:30 PM & Friday, Oct 7, 7:30 PM
Am I Blue, written and performed by Elizabeth Blue, directed by Maia Garrison
Am I Blue takes you on the hilarious journey of what “finding yourself” actually looks like. 
“Go see this show." The Rover, Montreal. 
“Blue is a criminally funny performer who is almost certainly the lovechild of Kristen Schaal and Tina Fey.” Charlebois Post, Montreal. 


Tickets $20
Mon and Tue, Sep 19 & 20, 7:30 PM
Can I Get A Smile, written and performed by Leah King, directed by Jessica Creane
What if street harassment was illegal? With live music, dance, and spoken word, find out what a burlesque-dancing sex blogger, gay bike mechanic, 
overly-self-aware yoga teacher and indie-rock feminist have to say about The Holla. More info at 

 Tickets $20
Sunday, Sep 25, 12:00 PM & Monday, Oct 3, 7:30 PM Selected Shorts
running time 80 minutes
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, written by Bara Swain, performed by Elly Berke and Nick DeSimone, directed by Bara Swain 

Why are Munch and Tutuola at the Sunbright Hotel in Chinatown?  Were they invited to the wedding?
Goodnight, Sweet Prince, written by Barbara Bleier, performed by Dara O'Brien and Tom Lacey, directed by Cheryl King 
A fractured fairy tale that riffs on how romantic love has been defined through the ages.

Mud Offerings, written and performed by Natalie Goodnow, directed by Dino Foxx and kt shorb (Sep 25 only)

A Chicanita has it out with the Virgen de Guadalupe. This piece is a solo play unraveling the culturally complicated truths, lies and mythologies of women's spirituality and sexuality in contexts of violence and betrayal. Winner of the 2011 Jane Chambers Playwriting Contest.
Experimenting with American Faucets & The Placebo Boyfriend Proposal, written & performed by Ella Veres, directed by Cheryl King & Ella Veres
A Transylvanian offers outlandish solutions to women’s chronic tribulations

The kaleidoscopic layers in Ella Veres's work make her voice utterly unique. She has all the dignity of Transylvanian royalty, yet a fearless and unashamed attitude towards sex. She combines an open mind that is able to benefit (orgasmically) by an inane women's magazine article with a down-to-earth wisdom that ruthlessly skewers absurdity. Finally, she is not afraid to explore the vagaries of fantasy or the human mind. She lures us into her exploratory journey with gentle humor, then proceeds to take a path few guides would dare to tread.

Patrick Mullowney, American playwright and theater critic based in Budapest


Tickets $20
Wednesdays, Sep 28 & Oct 5, 7:30 PM
written by Sally Lambert
performed by Cheryl King
directed by Theresa Gambacorta
running time 60 minutes

an intimate look into the life of a musician and her battle with the Big C.

Diagnosis: Your life is on the line, and your only hope is--are you ready?--the American Medical Industrial Complex. 
Treatment: See Grapefruit, and laugh your poor ass off. 

Read the first review! 


Tickets $20
Mon and Tue, Sep 26 & 27, 7:30 PM
Breakers, written and directed by Katrina Pallop, performed by Jamie Bock, Mike Cannon, and Katrina Pallop
co-directed by Phil Polefrone 

Running time 60 minutes
A full-length, free verse play of poetry, myth, and the psychic danger that comes along with telling a story to strangers. 

Tickets $20
Tue and Thur, Oct 4 & 6, 7:30 PM
Wonder Woman: A How-To Guide for Little Jewish Girls, written and performed by Cyndi Freeman
directed by David Drake
running time 75 minutes

Two time FringeNYC award-winning writer/performer Cyndi Freeman's latest solo show traces her journey - little suburban Jewish girl 
obsessed with Wonder Woman to fabulous burlesque Queen in NYC. Join her on a crusade to right wrongs while wearing fabulous outfits.



Tickets $20
Saturday and Sunday, Oct 8 & 9, 7:30 PM
Burst, written and performed by Gray, directed by Tanya Taylor Rubenstein

Set against the background of our multi-tasking, prescription-popping culture, "BURST” explores the madness of modern life and the unexpected sanity that comes with “being crazy.”

Gray takes us on a roller coaster ride through highs and lows of being diagnosed Bipolar, familial loss, meditating in Vietnam and eventually to her own definition of “balance.” For video and more info: www.GrayPerforms.com/event

Tickets $20