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We're especially happy to feature Rose-Marie Brandwein's new play Expiration Date - here's what Rose-Marie has to say about the play


My show is the only one in NYC this fall that features a 150 year-old woman as the center of the play and whose husband & friends are slightly larger than iPods.

Futurists view the next century as chock full of technological breakthroughs and biological advances that are sure to extend our lives.

But no one seriously questions quality of life or what it means to be human.  My play, Expiration Date, asks whether living to age 150 will be so wonderful if there are no flowers, meadows or loved ones to share it with. 

My character Mildred isn’t so sure and so she has to decide whether she will transition into a new life form—a People Pod – or simply cease to exist.   

Gloria Rosen in her solo show Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?

Sun, September 23 at 2 pm

and Sat, Oct 6 at 5 pm




Gloria Rosen’s Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?, a one woman show, is the true story of a hearing child’s life as the sole interpreter for her deaf parents.

Having grown up in a home where ringing telephones and doorbells set off flashing lights; watching TV requires great feats of concentration; and being able to hear makes you an outsider, Gloria Rosen takes us on a funny, irreverent and poignant  journey to find her own voice.

This is amazing, informative, and entertaining stuff. Gloria is calm, cool, collected, sane, and caring. How she coped with her childhood is amazing. She should bottle her mental resources and give us all a dose. She found her voice in the world of the deaf, and that’s no small achievement.  --Karen D’Onofrio-- eljnyc.com, Sep 23, 2012

“Sunday afternoon featured the strongest performances. Gloria Rosen’s “Listen…Can you Hear Me Now?” dealt with the dilemma of a woman whose parents are deaf and rely on their daughter as a “translator.” … amazingly funny at times and audience members, regardless of their backgrounds, identified with it.” Lynne Bronstein, Santa Monica Mirror

Running time: 55 minutes

Frank Women

A cornucopia of excellent character actresses take on the roles of American playwright Frank Blocker’s canon of work in FRANK WOMEN.

Sun, September 23 at 730 pm


Theresa Gambacorta, Gaby Gold, Amy Heath Bell, Cheryl King, Stefani Searcy, Tam Paquette, Jenn Wehrung and Elza Zagreda. 


Laurie Lawson of eljnyc.com, “You’re not sure whether he’s written the characters for the various actresses or if the actresses are just so gifted that it appears that way. Whichever came first,  the result is one of the greatest collections of anecdotes, childhood memories, snippets of his plays, poetry, and women just speaking their plain truths.  Women of all kinds – welfare mothers, nuns, maids, operators, and even female Macbeth’s – dispense wisdom and advice."   Monologues include heartbreaking “Every Day Clothes” and the hilarious Iona Winchester along with a plethora of funny ladies and touching moments.  

“What an amazing gathering of theatrical talent.”

    – Laurie Lawson, eljnyc.com

Running time 70 minutes

Rose-Marie Brandwein’s play
Expiration Date

Mon, September 24 at 730 pm
Fri, Oct 5 at 730 pm

Featuring Dorothy Chansky, Emil G. Keller, Maureen Kenny, Isabella Knight, Madeline Rhodes, Nicholas Russell, KC Weakley

Directed by J. K. Musser

The year is 2112, and Mildred wants her 150th birthday to be her last, while her family and friends try to convince her to transition into a new form—a People Pod.   In 100 years, technology will provide all sorts of breakthroughs but is technology causing us to lose sight of what it means to be human? And, when is living long enough, enough 


Horace Walpole once said “The world is a comedy for those that think; a tragedy for those that feel.”   

Running time 55 minutes

Elizabeth Taylor in
Finding Elizabeth Taylor
written by Elizabeth Claire Taylor
directed by Cheryl King

Tues, September 25 at 730 pm


Yes, it's her real name and it's a lot to live up to—the eyes, the men, the diets, the diamonds, the booze. But oh...how she's tried. A love letter to La Liz and the other Elizabeth Taylor; two women obsessed with life and its finer points.

Running time 60 minutes

Siobhan O'Loughlin in her solo show, Natural Novice
Thur, September 27 at 730 pm  
Sun, September 30 at 730 pm


"Natural Novice" is a comic exploration of what it means to move from a commune to New York City as a woman who doesn't shave, well, any part of her body. It also includes interviews from other women who have chosen completely different paths for their body hair. Overall, this play is a silly self-analysis of the implications of a woman not shaving her armpits, but also a feminist critique of the social structures of aesthetic, and how a woman defines herself, no matter what she looks like.

Running time 50 minutes

Selected Short Subjects
Sat, September 29 at 2 pm 

Treatment, by William LoCasto, performed by Cheryl King and TC Corwin; Forsythia, written and directed by Richard Ballon, performed by Jacinthe Connor; Sandbag, by Frank Blocker,  performed by Jeremy Neal and Cheryl King; One Half Sister, by Frank Blocker, performed by Stefani Searcy, Nomi Tichman & Cheryl King; The Year of Dead Cats, written and performed by Erica Herd, plus monologues by Nomi Tichman and Stefani Searcy, written by Frank Blocker

Running time 60 minutes

Valerie Hager in her solo show
Naked in Alaska
Sat, September 29 at 730 pm
Sun, October 7 at 500 pm



A young woman longs for a place where she feels welcome, but her drive to be desired pulls her into an adventure from which she may not return. Naked In Alaska tells the autobiographical, behind-the-scenes story of an exotic dancer searching for love and relief in clubs from Mexico to Alaska to California. Come see live pole dancing, hear your favorite rock n' roll hits, and feel a whole lotta heart!  This is one wild adventure... but adventures aren't always what they appear.

Click here to see the video clip

For more info, visit http://valeriehager.com/NakedInAlaska/

Running time 70 minutes

Selected Short Subjects
Sun, September 30 at 200 pm

Treatment, by William LoCasto, performed by Cheryl King and TC Corwin; Forsythia, written and directed by Richard Ballon, performed by Jacinthe Connor; Sandbag, by Frank Blocker, performed by Jeremy Neal and Cheryl King; One Half Sister, by Frank Blocker, performed by Stefani Searcy, Nomi Tichman & Cheryl King; Karen Sklaire in her solo show Drama at the Point, plus monologues by Nomi Tichman and Stefani Searcy, written by Frank Blocker

Running time 65 minutes

Megan Dunlop in her solo show
My Mother's Cars
Mon, October 1 at 730 pm
Sat, October 6 at 730 pm

"My Mother's Cars" is a comedic look at the codependent relationship of a mother and daughter as daughter Megan prepares for the move to NYC while Mother Margaret suffers a near fatal car crash.Their experiences told through Margaret's vehicles past and present, MMC is a heartfelt look at mother/daughter survival mechanisms against the power of goodbye.

Read Martin Denton's review in nytheatre.com

Running time 55 minutes

Susan Laubach in 
The Best Laid Plans a collection of solo pieces and a play (with  Stephanie Braxton)

 with special guest Adriana Jones, in her solo short  Vivien on the Rocks

Tue, October 2 at 730 pm  
Wed, October 3 at 730 pm

This evening's performance will begin with Viven on the Rocks, by Adriana Jones. Running time is 20 minutes.

Vivien Merchant, celebrated actress and first wife of Harold Pinter, is tired of being a footnote in her ex-husband's various obituaries. So, she's back from the dead to tell her story on her own terms in this gripping, intimate one-act.

Afterward, Susan Laubach (and guest Stephanie Braxton) 
will take the stage with

”Accessories” 10 minutes
“The New Neighbor” 20 minutes
“Your Tour Guide, Wanda” 10 minutes

Running time for the entire evening is 60 minutes, there will be no intermission.

Sharon Mathis in her solo show
He/She and Me
Sat, October 6 at 200 pm
Sun, October 7 at 730 pm 

When Pat's husband and soul mate announces he will become a woman, she tries everything from from tap dancing to Buddhism to cope. The play uses gender transition as a lens to explore the nature of long time love and commitment in response to profound change. 

Running time 50 minutes