UWSSC Mission Statement

To increase the organized capacity of people in South Sarasota County to care for it's neighbors in need.

Our funded agencies serve our area's workforce children, thier parents and low asset seniors and veterans during short term crises to help them generate new solutions that could lead them to better opportunities, to help prevent them from being homeless, isolated and abused.

Touching, Changing and Improving lives in Osprey, Laurel, Nokomis, Venice, Englewood & North Port.

Our funding focus in on the Alices of our world.

Read about ALICE here;

Board of Directors

Executive Members

Paula Carney, President - Navamaze
David Waring, Vice President - Publix
William Gunnin, Treasurer - CEO, North Port Chamber of Commerce
David Wertman, Secretary - Retired Public Health Manager

John Holic - Mayor City of Venice
Jim Patterson - Consultant
Albeto Serino - PGT Industries'
Wayne Bardgill- Publix
Melinda Haney
- HarborChase
Sharon Matthews- Allstate Insurance
Martha Pike- Michael Suanders and Company
Rob Reisdorf - Statefarm Insurance
Fletch Rush
- Farr Law Firm
Mariel Arbuckle- Terone- Left Coast Seafood

Your contributions support our Community Impact Programs and our Community Investment Partnerships

United Way’s goal is to help create long-lasting changes and partnerships, by addressing the underlying causes of problems that affect families, children, seniors and individuals from reaching their full potential. United Way’s believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities to succeed in life.

Education is a cornerstone for success in school, work and life. And it benefits the whole community: high school graduates earn more and contribute more to their local economies, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate. United Way is about more than short-term charity for a few; we’re about lasting solutions that build opportunity for all. We look at the big picture: what resources are lacking or need strengthening, and how we can address those gaps to keep kids on track to graduation.

Income stability - The whole community benefits when more working individuals and families are able to stop walking a financial tightrope and get on solid ground. That’s why we focus on lasting solutions that go beyond charity, because financially stable people are more likely to have access to quality health care, provide a good education for their children, and contribute to their local economies.

Good health is an essential ingredient for individual success and a thriving community. Healthy kids are more likely to succeed in school. The whole community will flourish when all of our residents have access to public parks, playgrounds, healthy foods and quality healthcare. We are committed to more than short-term charity for a few; we are committed to lasting solutions that build opportunity for all.

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