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The YMCA on Elizabeth Boulevard offers complete fitness class schedules that include Cardio, Combination Classes, Spirit-Mind-Body, and Strength Classes! Most classes are suitable for ages 12 and older. Please view the CURRENT GROUP EXERCISE SCHEDULE (below) for classes that are offered this quarter.


(Effective January 2, 2018)

Cycling –
This class is performed on a stationary bicycle. Instructors will guide you through an all-terrain ride while focusing on proper body alignment, heart rate and proper cycling techniques.
Kickboxing - Sport specific techniques of boxing and martial arts are incorporated in this interval-based workout.
Turbokick® - Choreographed sport-specific techniques of boxing and martial arts are incorporated in this interval-based workout. Punching, kicking, footwork, and jump ropes may be utilized.
Zumba® - It is a Latin-inspired dance fitness party. It will have you moving, shaking, and burning calories in no time! Fusing hypnotic Latin and other world rhythms, you'll love every minute of this cardio dance party in disguise!
Zumba Gold® - The same fun class as Zumba but designed for the de-conditioned, prenatal, beginning, and active older adult participants. Come enjoy “exercising in disguise".

TRX - TRX Suspension Training is a unique training tool that allows you to use your own body weight and gravity as resistance. Suspend your disbelief!

3-2-1 Drench - In this class, the heart rate is ramp up through strength training for 3 min, peak it through cardio training for 2 min & take an active rest recovery through core training for 1 min. Repeat!
Circuit Training - The instructor will set up different types of circuits to push both cardio and strength limits.
Fit Start - A low impact class with basic cardio, strength, flexibility and balance exercises. Perfect for those new to group fitness or needing a low impact class.
H.E.A.T. (High Energy Advanced Training) - This intermediate/advances class combines high intensity interval training with muscle conditioning. Come prepared to work hard!
Instructor's Choice - No two classes are alike. Get ready for a mixture of interval, strength and cardio to push you to your limit and leave you wanting more! All fitness levels are welcome!
Rev-it-up - It is a group personalized training system devoted to functional strength. It is a fun and challenging workout that covers both strength training and cardio conditioning.

Silver Sneakers® - A Healthways fitness program customized for senior adults designed to increase strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Fitness, Fun, and Friends!
Triple Challenge - Three dynamite formats packed into one intense class. Cardio bursts may include dynamic step routines, mixed with segments of pure strength training and core strengthening for the total cross training effect. This fun class is something everyone can look forward to!
Zumba Toning®- Zumba Toning takes the original Zumba dance-fitness class to the next level utilizing muscle training protocol and the addition of lightweight toning sticks or dumbbells. Created to emphasize muscle work along with the rhythms of Zumba!
At the Barre - This fun and unique class combines the fluidity of ballet, the flexibility of yoga and the core strengthening of Pilates. It is non-impact, designed to burn calories and to produce lean, sculpted bodies. No dance experience is required and available to all fitness level.

Gut & Butt, Plus - A conditioning program to firm and strengthen muscles of the entire body, especially focusing on the gut and the butt. Utilizing various equipments & body weight for maximum results
Y Weights - Firm and strengthen muscles of the entire body. This class uses exercises to develop muscle strength and endurance. Utilizing hand weights, bands, balls, bench, and your own body weight

Black Light Yoga - Yoga poses practiced under the black lights for a fun, relaxing and adventurous effect! This is a hatha-type class where we will focus on bringing peace to the mind and body, through different yoga poses, some flow work, stretches and deep relaxation. Feel free to wear glow in the dark apparel! Props may be used. (All levels)
PiYo Live - a music-driven, athletic workout inspired by the mind-body practices of Pilates and Yoga that includes flexibility training, strength, conditioning and dynamic moment. All levels.
Youth / Adult Taekwondo (*at additional fee) - A Korean martial art. It combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise.
Morning Bliss Yoga - FREE to the community. This yoga class can get the "juices" flowing! It stretches and strengthens the muscles with a strong focus on breath and body alignment. Get your workout in early, connect with your breath, be mindful and find what feels good for your body. This practice can work as a natural stimulant to set you up for a productive day!

Physically and socially developmental classes designed for 18 mo.-6 yrs. and their caregivers.

Elizabeth St. Facility
1751 Elizabeth Blvd.

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