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About FACE Websites Questions:

How long has FACE Websites been in business?

Our company incorporated in 2009, has grown every year since we've been in business and is a leader in responsive web design (RWD) technology for mobile devices.

Can you provide us references of some of your clients?

Yes, please contact us and we will provide you with a list of references.

Billing Questions:

Are there charges for extra service?

No, unless a custom feature or service is required. We will provide a written proposal before starting any custom work.

Does the setup fee include the site setup and training?

Yes, one hour of training is usually enough time to understand the basics of using the system, however additional training is available at no cost. There would be no extra fee to change the design unless you want something custom.

What is your billing address?

FACE Websites, LLC
PO Box 930521
Verona, WI 53593-0521 (Located in the Madison, WI area)
Phone # 608-845-9000

Product/Features Questions:

What would happen to our content if we decided not to continue using FACE Websites?

Since there is no long-term contract (although you will need to sign a agreement), you can move at any time if you're not happy with our service. Depending on what features the new provider has, you may lose some of your existing features. You would have 30 days to move your content. Anytime a business switches to a new website design and development vendor, they run the risk of decreasing their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

What is involved in the initial setup and what do you need from us for that process?

If you decide to use our services, we will require you to sign and date an agreement that provides an overview of our services and starts the 30 free setup period. During those 30 days, we will train someone (it can be more than one person) to be able to update and maintain the content. Also, we will assist in creating pages and adding content in the database. At any point if you have a question/issue you can call our support line. After 30 days the site goes live but can be delayed if you're not ready for a launch.

How do the money transactions work? Are there any transactions costs with FACE Websites? Is there the ability to accept membership dues and separate event fees?

For credit card purchases you would pay the standard fee that your credit card processor charges. If your organization/business doesn't have a credit card processor, we can recommend a vendor. Yes, membership dues, payments for an event, online ticket sales and online donations can be made from the site and kept separate.

Do you have a blog feature?

Yes, it's one of the features in the content management system (CMS). You can create/maintain posts that people can reply to.

Is there a photo gallery?

Yes, it's one of the 50+ features that we offer. The photo gallery is easy-to-use and allows uploads of videos and photos.

What is the time lag if any between our content changes and when they go live?

No delay, content goes live instantly once the user approves the changes but they have the option to cancel the changes.

Does your system have a user database?

Yes, our database is very powerful since it can keep track an unlimited number of users and group. The database allows you to run reports, query the data, import/export data and send out email blasts. The functionality of the database is always improving.

How many html pages are there on a typical website?

There is no limit to the amount of pages you can create but I would estimate the average to be around 20.

So, will FACE Websites host our email as well as our website? And if so, what are the details (how many mailboxes, how big are the mailboxes, do they have web mail capability, does it cost extra and if so then how much)?

Yes, we need to host your website and give you the option to use our email provider. Our starting price is $2.00 a month for each email address with no size limit.

Can I sell tickets online?

Yes, tickets can be sold to events, shows, performances and tours to name a few.

Is there the ability to password protect documents or site pages to certain groups?

Yes, each member in the database can be assigned to a custom group that you create. Registration can be enabled so any site visitor can register into the users group, but you could assign a higher security level.

Can we send emails to the people in the database? Are those emails capable of accepting HTML email?

Yes, you can send emails to everyone in the database or to specific groups that you create in either a plain text or html format. You can also add attachments to an email.

Does your site have any features that would make it easier to manage memberships (expiration, auto notices of time to renew membership, etc?)

Yes, our visitor feature allows you to manage members and membership dues.

Support Questions:

Is there a limit on space we can use?

No, there is no practical disk usage space for custom pages, images and documents at this time. Potential restrictions will be examined on a case by case basis. If significant space is used for video and audio, then third party storage may become necessary at the client's expense. But from a practical standpoint disk space is currently inexpensive enough to assume that very few clients will require any restrictions.

Are there limits or preferences on type of image files, type of audiovisual files we use?

Any Internet friendly file format will be accepted by the system. We have a tool that automatically resizes the images/video to preserve disk stage and increase download speeds.

How do people get removed from the mailing list?

Every email that is sent from our system has an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email message.

Do you back up the information for each client's website? If so, what is your back up process?

It is the responsible of our clients to back their content/images. We do backups for disaster recovery for the entire system and not individual client websites.

What's a typical response time or time to fix a problem or issue for a customer?

Support is available during regular business hours by phone or email. Calls are answered by a live person who can immediately log on to a client's website to resolve and issue.

How much experience/confidence do they have with online donations, secure processing of financial & other data?

Our system utilizes all the Internet security standards and our development team has many years of experience handling these types of transactions. Most reputable credit card processor will make you follow their specific standards.



FACE Websites

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Telephone:1 (608) 845 9000

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