214 W 30th Street, 6th floor
New York, NY 10001

Gualtieri and Peterman

Works in Progress by
Tom Gualtieri & Jennifer Peterman
to benefit Stage Left Studio

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tom & Jennifer will read excerpts from their new, solo works
before Stage Left Studio shuts its doors here in New York City.

Nights at the Retreat
examines the goings-on at an infamous New York City sex club through the eyes of 3 senior citizens.
Sex. Drugs. Rebellion. It was the late 70's. They were there "when." And none of them wanted to look back and say, "I should have done that when I was young."
Everyone has regrets. But not everyone gets a chance to do what they shouldn't.

Haunt & Bellow
is a character exploration about loss, regret and resurrection.
It's about flipping the bird to victimhood and waltzing freely to your own music.
Twin sisters Lorna and Ina are stuck in bad habits and bad marriages. It's never occurred to them to ask themselves what they might want out of life until a moment of betrayal jars them awake.

In the past decade, Cheryl King's Stage Left studio built a thriving community for new and exploratory work, supporting artists at all levels of experience. But this last year has seen a significant change in the economics of New York and Stage Left will close its doors at the end of July.
We hope to support Cheryl King by helping reduce Stage Left's deficit and provide money for closing and moving costs through this benefit.

You can help Stage Left eliminate its debt by

Advance ticket donation is $18 but we welcome any additional donation you wish to give at the door.

Donation: $18