The core component of our system is the Face Websites' content management system (CMS) that contains over 50 rich features and allows our clients to easily update their website. All the features are included in our pricing plan so you don't have to pay extra as you would with other vendors.  We developed our own CMS because it provides the flexibility to design custom features based on our client's specifications. Once a feature is developed for one of our clients, it becomes available to all of our clients at no additional charge.

Our CMS has been in development for over 5 years so most of major features that a small business or nonprofit organization requires are developed.  Our clients save money because they don't need to purchase a 3rd party service for a specific task.  For example: our build-in email marketing/blast feature allows our clients to cancel expensive email marketing services.

Our system allows anyone with minimal computer skills to manage/maintain their own website.  Because of the simple administration and editing tools, users can run and edit any kind of site, personal or business, without learning HTML, CSS, programming, or web design.  The other CMS on the market, that we reviewed, were template based so it made it cumbersome to make updates, lacked the flexibility to customize a page and required a high level of technical knowledge.

Below is a list of some of the features that are included with our system:

Our features

Simply add announcements to your site to keep the public informed about what's going on with your organization/business.

Basic Image Editor
A web based program that enables you to edit images from the control panel.

Blog Feature
Create a blog posting that allows users to respond to a specific topic and it helps with SEO.

Contact Form
This feature provides a way for the public to contact your organization/company and capture custom data without displaying an email address. 

Content Management System
Easy to use tool that allows administrators to quickly update/maintain content on the website.

Custom Site Pages
The built-in WYSIWYG editor allows users to create/manage site pages without having to know any special HTML programming.

Upload, manage and link to your documents  (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc).

Accept online credit card donations for your nonprofit organization..

E-mail Marketing
Send marketing emails to group/s of users. The emails can be sent in either plain text or in HTML format. Attachments can be added to an email.

Send newsletters or publications to group/s of users. The emails can be sent in either plain text or in HTML format. Attachments can be added to an email.

Export Customer List
Export customer purchase history or signup information into Excel.

Event Management 
Users can register and pay for an event.

Manage your most frequently asked questions.

Create custom forms so you can gather/track information about your users/customers.

Gift Certificates
Sell gift certificates for a specific amount or for a service/product.

Create a list of useful links for the public.

News Stories
Manage, create or link to local, national, or regional news stories. 

News Stories Archives
Archive old new stories that can be found with a search feature.

News Stories with RSS Feeds
Embed news stories feeds from different news websites.
Post Jobs
Create and manage job postings.

Photo Gallery
Upload photos that can be arranged in albums. 

The system has built-in reporting tool with the ability to export into to Excel to create custom reports.

A search feature that allows users to search your website.

Provide information about an upcoming show and allow users to purchase tickets.

Shopping Cart
Sell your products from your website.

Social Media Feeds
Embed social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Create and organize sponsor links and descriptions.

Create interactive custom surveys.

Create, manage and organize your customer's testimonies/comments.

Ticket Sales
Provide information about upcoming shows and sell tickets.

Tour Ticket Sales
Ticketing system for tour companies.

User Database
A powerful built-in database that allows your organization/business to store user information of volunteers, donors, people who register for an event, non-paid/paid members, or people who sign up for emails. You would have the ability to create custom fields, run reports, print mailing labels, export information, and send out email alerts.

User Management Tool
Web based program designed to manage your users including security management.

Embed videos or add links to other video streaming sites that can be arranged in groups.

Volunteers can register and sign up for volunteer opportunities that you have listed on your site.